February 8, 2010

Events: Venus in the Kitchen

There's a cute event coming up this Thursday in honor of Valentine's day. I'm not affiliated with it, but I am definitely attending!
Time Table presents a Valentine’s cocktail party featuring aphrodisiac food and drink from the 1952 book, "Venus in the Kitchen: Or Love’s Cookery Book". Come single or with a sweetie and spend some time sampling love potions of the early 50’s. We can’t make any promises on the power of these wacky concoctions—but we can promise a good time. Feel free to dress the part, though modern-day attire is just fine. 

**Tickets are $5 each and can be purchased at WORD or through our website**


With a menu like this, be sure not to miss it!

Jessica Reed is a Greenpoint-based artist, writer, and amateur culinary historian interested in the intersections between food, history, art, and culture. Time Table, her most recent project, invites guests to taste the past at small gatherings serving food and drink made from period recipes, and utilizing period serving pieces and decorative elements whenever possible. Her ambition is to bring people together with food as a means of connecting with our shared history.