September 18, 2009

The 19th Century Pub Crawl is TOMORROW!

The 19th Century Pub Crawl is TOMORROW, Saturday, September 19th at 5pm. Join us for the perfect combination of binge drinking and historic nerdery. We've gotten a lot of great listings including the New York Times, the Daily News and my personal favorite on Shecky's:

"If ye haven't yet succumbed to consumption or polio, lace on your opera boots and joine some fyne folke on this 19th Century Pub Crawl through the rapscallion-infested streets of downtown NYC. This traipsing tippling tour takes you to some of New York City's oldest bars and most notorious dens of vice. Visit for a full itinerary and map of the route, including Swift, which is offering $1 off draughts to anyone dressed in garb of the era. $1? In the 19th century, that was like, $100!"

We will meet promptly at 5 PM at Swift, then proceed to Death & Company; McSorely's Old Ale House; Pete's Tavern; Old Town Bar; Keen's Steakhouse; and, should we still possess the fortitude and sobriety, P.J. Clarke's.

Nineteenth century dress is encouraged, but by no means required.

This event is brought to you by myself, Ilana Kohn, and The New York Nineteenth Century Society.

See you tomorrow!